General Manager

Christine King

Christine has been employed with The Paint Place since for 22 years.
For expert advice on color, product recommendation and customer
satisfaction she has your answer. A down home native of Cat Island,
she has personality to make your shopping experience a lasting and
momentous one. Visit any of our three locations and they will connect
you with her.


Purchasing Manager

Clarence Harrison

Looking for expert advice on product, call ‘Harri”. With over 40 years’
experience you are guaranteed to solve your paint problems. Harri
has been a fountain of knowledge and experience since inception.


About Us

The Paint Place has been a cornerstone in the Bahamian community for many years as it relates to paint. Being in the industry for over a period of 20 years while remaining a top competitor shows how dedicated we are when it comes to pleasing our customers and making your paint selections care free

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